Ok, I’ve said in an earlier post that Ben and Aaron were revealed as being part of the Oceanic Six. This has apparently been refuted on a number of different sites. I still maintain that Ben has assumed someone’s identity from the plane, and that Aaron counts?

But let’s posit for a moment that this is correct, just who are the other two???

Let’s go through each of the other “Losties” and discuss their plausibility as O-6 members.

Jin – Distinct possibility, but only if Sun is the other. He’d never leave her (with child or without).

Sun – See “Jin”

Bernard and Rose (older couple) – Not likely. Although she has said she’d gladly leave the island and risk the return of her cancer, Bernie would probably never allow it in order to keep his wife alive.

Sawyer – Not a chance in hell. He is starting to see this island as his chance to start over. No matter that his some time bed buddy Kate is one of the six, Sawyer ain’t goin’ anywhere.

Locke – Another zero possibility. Locke is “tied to the island”. It cured him of his paralysis, and he wants to discover its secrets and protect it above all else.

Claire – VERY low possibility. Especially considering Kate is now mother to her son. That would imply that she decided to stay or is more likely dead.

Michael – HIGH probability. They’ve been putting the actor’s name (Harold Perrineau) in the credits for months now, so it’s safe to assume that the first island leaver becomes one of the O-6.

Walt (Michael’s son) – Some possibility, but not as much as Michael’s. While Walt left with Michael on the boat, he has been seen on the island by Locke while hunting for Jacob’s cabin. Most “hallucinations” turn out to be real at least in part, so Walt may somehow have made it back to old Dharmaland.

Vincent (Walt’s dog) – DARK HORSE possibility. It would be just like the writers on Lost to throw the dog in as one of the six. As Ben is posing as a vet, might he be watching Vincent? Just what does Vincent know? It’s a real long shot, but a definitely distinct plot twist they might try.

UNNAMED LOST MEMBER? – Why not? We’ve got two and a half more seasons to explore other characters. Who’s to say we just haven’t been formally introduced yet?

What do YOU think????