The London Times is reporting that the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) of Great Britain will begin recruiting through video games, most notably Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent. The GHCQ is the surveillance arm of the British Intelligence Service.

The adverts won’t be written into the games themselves but will appear when PC and XBOX 360 users play their game online. They’ll come in the form of billboards and other media fitted into the cityscapes during play.

According to some GHCQ officials, they believe it is time to use some “non-conventional” means of recruiting new talented individuals.

I’m not sure how to react on this one. On one hand, it shows that the Brits understand the “market” (if you will) of people they’re trying to draw from. Just about everyone aged 18-34 plays video games of some type. Combine that with the vast number of those who play first person shooters and spy games. To not tap into that market would be foolish.

You may remember a couple of years ago that the US Army put out a first person shooter that it created based on itself, for the purpose of recruiting soldiers to join up.

Still, some might think it’s sad that we have to resort to such lengths to find people willing to serve their country. Are the days of recruiters at our schools and the ROTC drilling on the football field things of the past?

I guess I’d have to conclude that it’s really just a sign of the times. Historically, governments have often gone to populist methods to encourage recruitment. Look at the war films of the late 30s and early 40s, stirring up patriotism. Heck, even the cartoons of that era were utilized by the US government to portray the Nazis and Japanese as evil.

The one difference here that has me concerned though is finding a recruit who’d sooner lay on the couch, eat potato chips and play Halo 3 than go out and catch real life bad guys. To the point, if you die in the real world, you don’t get to replay from your last save.

This is worth watching. More updates as I get them.

You can read the London Times original article by clicking here.


Ya gotta love it when “mainstream” news gets it wrong, WAY wrong. You also have to wonder just how deeply reporters have to dredge the cesspool of news that is on the internet just to come up with a story.

Alex Johnson, poor Alex Johnson. This intrepid MSNBC news reporter thought he had a scoop. A BIG scoop. While investigating the Michael Vick dogfighting story, he came across a website that apparently quoted the Reverend Al Sharpton:

“Consider this: If the police caught Brett Favre running a dolphin-fighting ring out of his pool, where dolphins with spears attached to their foreheads fought each other to the death, would they bust him? Of course not. They would get his autograph, commend him on his tightly-spiraled forward passes, then bet on one of his dolphins.”

This quote makes it plain that Sharpton believes Vick to be a “Vick”-tim of racial injustice. So of course Mr. Johnson wrote up a nice little piece and placed it on the ever-accurate (parody) MSNBC website.

There’s just one problem….Al Sharpton never said it.

The “quote” was taken from a parody website called News Groper. Whoops…

MSNBC quickly retracted the story, saying it “had been the victim of a hoax”.

Now, for those of you who are not aware, a “hoax” is something that is intended to deceive or defraud. Like crop circles, like a fake 911 call, like Paris Hilton’s embracing of religion…

News Groper has ‘parody’ and words like Political humor, Celebrity Satire, and Funny Commentary all over it. Not exactly a hoax…more like humor. Kinda like Comedy Central’s cartoon “Little Bush” or every episode of Saturday Night Live.

Just a couple of questions and thoughts here.

First off, I find it amusing and highly arrogant that MSNBC would blame Groper for MSNBC’s mistake. Basically, we got suckered, it’s their fault. I guess they’re using Abe Lincoln’s old adage of “Fool me once, shame on you” a bit too closely.

Secondly, does ANY reporter EVER take anything they read off the internet as gospel? I mean, I didn’t go to the Columbia School of Journalism, but even I have heard of independent verification. For those of you at MSNBC who might be checking out E-Nirv (thanks, first of all) let me explain it to you. Independent verification means once you read or hear something that might be considered newsworthy, that is something you didn’t witness yourself, you verify its authenticity by…oh I don’t know, making a few calls perhaps? In this case, a jingle to Sharpton’s office with a question like “Did Rev. Al really say this?” might be in order. You also might want to actually check out some of the other stories the website was running to see just what kind of site it is, especially if YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF THEM BEFORE!!! If below the Sharpton blurb you see “Oprah believes in the existence of aliens in her breakfast cereal. They tell her Obama wins in ’08!!!”, you just might want to reconsider. Wait, that was a bit extreme. Here are some actual stories from News Groper:

“Flirty Obama cuddles up with pandering Stewart, baby expected next June”
By Hillary Clinton

“Your assignment, should you choose to figure out what the hell it is…”
By Katie Couric

“Bush, hand over your daughter!”
By Vladimir Putin

Hard-hitting news…that’s News Groper.

Finally, is it just me or does it seem that the media constantly seeks to inject race into each and every situation? Johnson, were you so desperate to find a racially charged quote that you plunged willy nilly into the internet quagmire? Shall I suggest a scenario of how it could have gone down? Johnson’s editor says “Find me some quotes that tie this whole Vick thing back to racial prejudice.” So Johnson skips happily back to his desk, thrilled with the notion that he can, once again, prove how evil white people are. So he goes on his trusty MSNBC search engine and types something to the effect of “Michael Vick racial injustice”, and LO and BEHOLD! There it is! And from none other than Mr. Racial Injustice himself! This’ll inject some spice into that ol’ 24 hour news cycle….

From what I’ve heard, dogfighting is popular in the South among blacks AND whites. It’s an equally opportunic dumb thing to do.

***DISCLAIMER*** The pictures, descriptions, and events depicted on E-Nirv are meant for entertainment purposes only, you MSNBC automaton!

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I only recently discovered Amie Street, so in addition to congratulating them on being in business for one year I’m going to tell you how cool they really are. First up the link.

Amie Street – Music Lives Here – Independent Music Download Website.

Amie Street comes at selling music a bit differently, and its a win for both the Artist and the Fans.

Independent artists upload their tracks for listing on Amie Street. The Starting price is $0.00. Yup thats free folks. Now here is the cool thing, as people download and REComend the track (more on that later) the price starts to rise, to a max of $0.99. So if your into discovering new music, have at it, it will be free or just pennies. But if you want to just check out what’s getting popular look for tracks that are worth say $0.50 and up. And of course there is a free preview of every track on the site, so your not buying blind.

Now here is the cool part, recommendations or RECs. When you REC a song you get to write a review of the track and all your friends on Amie Street (yes it has all the good Web2.0 social sharing stuff) are notified. Members can REC any track they have bought, and REC-ing is sort of like playing the stock market, only with music. If you REC a song when its at $0.10, and it goes up to $0.90 you get $0.40 back from Amie Street to use towards buying more music. If you REC a track at is at $0.00 and it goes up to $0.90 you get all $0.90 back into your account, as a reward for finding and helping out a brand new track.

That’s a lot of math, but the gist is, not only do you get to check out some very goon new independent artists, but you get a chance to make some more money helping independent musicians get popular. You can buy Credit and REC’s starting at just $3.00, but hey that could be well over 300 new tracks if your into digging through the new stuff for music you like, and if your good with your RECs you may never need to put money back into the site.

Oh and tracks you buy are all DRM free, so they work on any music player including the iPod and the iPhone (ha had to get another iPhone mention in there) and they can be downloaded as many times as you like.

If you do check out the site be sure and friend me, I am of course Wolfman-K there.

Via: Tech Crunch

The famed book that was cancelled during production by OJ Simpson outlining in graphic details how he “would have” killed Nicole and Ronald on that tragic night back in June of 1994, has been leaked.

OJ “Did It” Manuscript Leaked Online –

The book was supposedly in production when it was canceled, 400 copies made it into print, all but one were supposedly destroyed, or so they thought. The controversy is that its so, graphic and realistic, it seems to be as if it’s an admission of guilt by OJ, not the fiction it is alleged to be.

I looked over at Goldman, and I was fuming. I guess he thought I was going to hit him, because he got into his little karate stance. “What the fuck is that?” I said. “You think you can take me with your karate shit?”

Weather or not you believe OJ is innocent or guilty, the book is in extremely poor taste, and I’m amazed it made it as far as 400 copies. My respect drops for those who approved it, and especially for Mr Simpson who conceived and wrote out the book. Even if he did commit the crime, the retelling of it like this, is almost a worse offense.

 Mediam Oj

A Google Exec happened to witness a shooting, and not only did he do the right thing and help identify the shooter, btu he blogged about it as well. Its a gripping tale and a worthy read if you have a few minutes to spend with a real internet human interest story.

Chris Sacca’s ‘What is left?’: Guns. Sigh.

The writing is borderline brilliant but besides that its great to know that there are still people like Chris left in the world. Too many would turn a blind eye to a situation like this. Mucho Kudos to Chris for helping out at the scene and going the extra mile to help id the shooter.

 Wikipedia Commons Thumb 2 2C Thumbs Up.Jpg 420Px-Thumbs Up

Yup, you read the title correctly. There is a professional series of Rock Paper Scissors, this year the Championship will be held on October 13th, in Toronto.

There is a Rock Paper Scissors World Championship
It seems the World RPS Championships are organized by a bunch of folks in the Web 2.0 community, and is a very fast growing sport including televised events.

For the full story read the orginal post over at our sister blog. ~ aeipathy for technology >> real world “Ed tv” or “Truman Show” is here!

Follow the real life of IPTV’s first reality show. And by reality I don’t mean those staged sudo reality shows where people get put in unrealistic situations and have to play games whiel the camera is on. I mean reality as in this is this guys real life.

Its a 24/7 webcam based tv show showing you exactly what Justin is doing all the time (no bathroom breaks and he intends to respect other’s privacy as much as posable.) Stop by his site to chat live with him, and watch the video feed from his house, office and everywhere as this web entrepreneur is using a bank of EVDO cards service to chronicle his whole life, even when out and about.

Its already addicting.

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