I hope you’ll forgive me as I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus with this little gem of a blog. The holidays, combined with building a new house, and resurrecting my opera career (yes, I’m a classical/opera singer) has left me less than motivated to keep the NIRV up and operating.

Also, in speaking with occasional NIRV contributor and Aiepathy for Technology blogger Wolfman, I’ve thought that perhaps my focus has been too broad. Covering all of entertainment is a daunting task for one guy, especially when I’m not particularly interested in ALL aspects of entertainment. Nor are you, I should think.

So, the idea here will be to focus. Dwindle the topics down to those I am truly interested, in the hopes of attracting readers and commenters of similar stripe. Simply put, entertainment geeks.

So, I’m gonna attempt to be your one-stop blog for the following subject areas and topics:

Movies: Sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero films
TV: “Lost”, “Battlestar Galactica”, and “Heroes”
Games: XBOX 360 news and reviews
Books: Sci-fi/fantasy genre

Along the way, I hope to add to this list (depending upon your interests), as well as occasionally talk about my personal life down here in sunny Houston.

I welcome and cherish each and every hit and comment I get here at E-NIRV. I think it has the potential to be a little something special, a filled niche for the genre lover in all of you.

Thanks for listening!

— RebRob, Editor-in-Chief


The London Times is reporting that the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) of Great Britain will begin recruiting through video games, most notably Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent. The GHCQ is the surveillance arm of the British Intelligence Service.

The adverts won’t be written into the games themselves but will appear when PC and XBOX 360 users play their game online. They’ll come in the form of billboards and other media fitted into the cityscapes during play.

According to some GHCQ officials, they believe it is time to use some “non-conventional” means of recruiting new talented individuals.

I’m not sure how to react on this one. On one hand, it shows that the Brits understand the “market” (if you will) of people they’re trying to draw from. Just about everyone aged 18-34 plays video games of some type. Combine that with the vast number of those who play first person shooters and spy games. To not tap into that market would be foolish.

You may remember a couple of years ago that the US Army put out a first person shooter that it created based on itself, for the purpose of recruiting soldiers to join up.

Still, some might think it’s sad that we have to resort to such lengths to find people willing to serve their country. Are the days of recruiters at our schools and the ROTC drilling on the football field things of the past?

I guess I’d have to conclude that it’s really just a sign of the times. Historically, governments have often gone to populist methods to encourage recruitment. Look at the war films of the late 30s and early 40s, stirring up patriotism. Heck, even the cartoons of that era were utilized by the US government to portray the Nazis and Japanese as evil.

The one difference here that has me concerned though is finding a recruit who’d sooner lay on the couch, eat potato chips and play Halo 3 than go out and catch real life bad guys. To the point, if you die in the real world, you don’t get to replay from your last save.

This is worth watching. More updates as I get them.

You can read the London Times original article by clicking here.

According to an article in Advertising Age magazine, movie industry executives are blaming a dismal month in box office receipts on everyone’s favorite meta-human soldier, the Master Chief. Due to the nearly $300 million it has taken in already in the 3 weeks since its release, key demographic movie goers (men 18-34) have been noticeably absent from the cineplex.

The article goes on to say that this trend will most likely continue, as “Grand Theft Auto IV” is expected to hit stores next month.

I happen to now fall just beyond that key demo (at 36, I guess I’m officially old), and I haven’t gone to any movies in, well, about a month (3:10 to Yuma was my last flick…. I went to it (*snicker*) 4 days before Halo came out). But having Halo isn’t what’s kept me from the theater. It’s been the schlock they’ve been putting up there. I mean, The Rock’s film’s the #1 movie in America? What else should I see? Chuck and Larry? Mr. Woodcock? Rush Hour freakin’ 3?

Ok, so maybe I’m not in your demo, movie studio execs, but I’d like to think I’m as immature as the next guy. I like action flicks, sci-fi, comedies. I’m right in your wheelhouse!

You want to get me back into the theater? Start by making some decent movies! That might just work.

You can read the Gamespot article by clicking here.

Another school, that’s right readers, ANOTHER school, has decided to ban the game of Tag from recess. Apparently, some children claimed to being harassed and chased at will during the game at the Discovery Canyon Campus school in Colorado Springs.

According to Assistant Principal Cindy Fesgen: “It causes a lot of conflict on the playground.”

Some students claimed to being chased at will. I’d like to translate that phrase, for those of us who use less colloquial parlance in our everyday dialogues. It means they were chased on purpose.

Forgive me for questioning the authority of the all-mighty PC god, but isn’t Tag a game where intent to tag is part of the activity?

Let’s say I’m “It”. To not tag anyone at will, I must basically run hither and yon, arms outstretched, in the forlorn hope that I may at some point come in contact with one who is not “It”, at which point the ceremonial changing of the “It” guard would take place.

Citizens of sanity, I implore you. Resist this ban. Fight it at the highest levels municipally, statewide, even nationally. It is what we call a slippery slope.

Every Phys. Ed. teacher in the country should be petrified. I’m serious here now. If Tag is bad, how can the games/sports listed below not be?

Football: Tackling the ball carrier? Need I say more?
Kickball: To get one out, you must throw rubber ball at runner…at will. Surely some stigma must be attached to this.
Tennis: You are intentionally trying to make your opponent miss the ball. TOTALLY not fair. Tennis match should just be hour long volleys where both sides agree to mutually end the game…no winner.
Duck Duck Goose: The EPITOME of harrassing and choosing at will. It is a danger to children’s development everywhere and must be stopped.
Ring a Round the Rosy: Dancing and taking delight in the Black Plague? How could we have been so wrong?
Square Dancing: Choosing partners? At will? The touching? The sache-ing? The promenading? I mean, hands are touching here people.
Track: How dare we allow one person be declared the winner just because he has less body fat and longer legs than the rest of us?
Volleyball: Spiking? Serving the ball to a specific person because we KNOW she’s afraid of the ball?

Gym teachers, your jobs may just be on the line here.

This is idiocy.