This week’s recap will be quick.

Time shifting.

Desmond’s mind is shifting back and forth from the present (2004) and the past (1996), while he was still a member of the Scottish military. This apparently is a side effect from leaving the island and passing through the electromagnetic barrier.

The shock of such a shift often causes people to lose it, and eventually die…as their hold on one reality becomes more untenable.

Desmond is told by the nerdy engineer dude Daniel to find him back in 1996 to help him, as 1996 Daniel tells him that he needs to focus on one thing or person in both timelines, serving as his “constant” or anchor to himself.

Desmond chooses Penny, his old fiancee, and convinces her in 1996 to answer a call from him on Dec. 24, 2004. She does, and he’s found his anchor.

Along the way, he is aided by Sayid and Frank the helicopter pilot, who seems less than thrilled to be working with the “boaties” (a reminder that he is a commercial airlines pilot and was supposed to be piloting Oceanic 815 on that fateful day).

In the end, Desmond makes the call to Penny, and he is cured.

All in all, a bit of a “blah” episode. The time travel was exactly like that of Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek Next Generation’s final TV episode, “All Good things…”, the one difference being that Desmond’s memory in 2004 is wiped until his call with Penny.

One mystery from the episode. At one point, Sayid and Desmond were held capture in the Sick Bay by the boaties, yet suddenly the door is inexplicably unlocked, and they are allowed to escape, heading to the communications room for the call.

Who set them free? Could it be the spy on Ben’s ship?

Yes. But until now, we have not been told who that spy is.

I know. That spy is Michael….


EDIT: One other curious thing that happened. Desmond confronts Penny’s father at an auction house in attempt to find her. Mr. Widmore has just purchased a log book by the first mate of the Black Rock, an 18th century British ship. The contents of the journal are known only to the family of the seller, a Tovard Hanso. That’s right, THAT Tovard Hanso, CEO of the Hanso Corporation and founder of a little thing called the “Dharma Initiative”.

And what about the Black Rock, the ship written about in the log? The ship was found on the island. There is a lot that happened there, chiefly it’s where they found the dynamite to blow the hatch. Check out Lostpedia for lots of fun info on the Black Rock.