Ok, the Sci-Fi channel just put out a bunch of BSG photos, and I’ve got comments a PLENTY!!!

First off, a cast photo:

I’ll have more on the other characters in the other photos. But as this one is the only one that contains Baltar. It looks as though he’s embraced his role as a “Prophet” as well as a more serious look to him. It’ll be fun watching Baltar get all spiritual this season.

Also note the sides in this picture. On one side you have the good guys (Apollo, Starbuck, Adama, Roslin, Helo, Athena (aka Boomer). BUT they’re penetrated by pseudo enemies (Baltar, Number Six). Then on the right you have four of “The Final Five” (Tigh, Tyrol, Tory, and Anders). They rarely do anything accidentally on BSG, watch for the symbolism to rear its ugly head.

And here we have D’Anna. I love Lucy Lawless’ character. Interesting to note she’s in black leather here. She seems to be the “rebel” Cylon, enlightened now that she knows the identity of the Final Five. Also, she wasn’t in the cast photo. More symbolism? Hmmm….

Next we’ve got the bridge officers and CAG (don’t forget, Helo was promoted last season after Lee’s “abdication” to lawyer).

Next we’ve got Karl “Helo” Agathon in the flesh, new CAG. Now Helo is a bit less serious than Apollo but much more regimental than Starbuck? How will this affect the flight crew?

Ahh, Number Six. Who would ever thought a woman would look SO good in the same dress for SO long?

Lee Adama (no longer Apollo) in his new role as lawyer to the fleet. Notice how he’s grown his hair out from his military buzz cut. Papa Adama is none too pleased that his son has left the service, they’ll be butting heads all year. But I predict Lee will be back in the cockpit before long.

Admiral Adama, always alone. Will he get closer to Roslin this year?

Four of the Final Five, revealed in last season’s finale (Tyrol, Anders, Tory, Tigh). The one I’m most interested to see how he handles this is Tigh. He was soooooooo hateful of the Cylons. How will he react to not only being one of them, but apparently one of their revered leaders?

Starbuck and Roslin. Check out Roslin’s cheekbones….hmmmm….

The Cylon chicks. Hotties all!

Lee and Starbuck. With Lee out of the military and Starbuck divorced from Anders, will true love bloom again? Lee seemed totally committed to Dualla last year, but how long before Starbuck starts circling Lee’s tent? Or, will it go the other way with Starbuck choosing Adm. Adama’s side against Lee?

Ok, I LOVE Mary McDonnell as President Roslin. No more unlikely but totally BEST choice to play her. But, does it look like to you that she’s had some cheek work done? Look how high her cheekbones are. Here’s a pic from last year to compare:

I mean, I know they air brush photos. But look at those cheekbones!!! It looks as though the eyes have been touched up too. Please, Mary! PLEASE!!! Don’t go the plastic route. You’re a beautiful, NATURAL looking woman.

Father and Son. At odds once again. The fact that so many of their closest colleagues are Cylons are gonna cause even more problems.

And how fitting we should end with Starbuck. She’s found Earth, or says she has, and indeed the entire series seems to be revolving around her.