Ahhh, my little Lost baby. Who are you? What’s your name?

The last two eggs????

Last night’s episode, “Eggtown”, was a great example of classic Lost. It had the right mix of conflict, humor, flashbacks (although actually this year we’ve been treated to the flash forward, and nice cliffhangers

Basically the episode centered on Kate. After an opening concerning Locke’s inability to get answers from Ben, Log Cabin Jacob, or ANYONE, he throws the last two eggs in the Others’ camp against the wall in big time frustration. Along comes Kate, looking to question newcomer Miles, whom Locke is holding somewhere secret. What does he know? And why won’t Locke let her in on where he’s held? Could it be he doesn’t trust her, thinks she’s a spy for Jack?

Back at the Kate/Claire/Baby Aaron abode, and Sawyer comes around looking for a new roomie. Turns out life with Hurley ain’t all its cracked up to be and he’d like to shack up with his #1 booty call, Kate. Kate’s not having any of it shoos him off.

Next we head to the Oceanic Six future, with Kate on trial for murder, theft, all those lovely things that got her caught in Australia and plopped on a plane headed for the US in the first place.

It doesn’t look good for Austin, as her lawyer says the entire case hinges on the fact that Kate confessed that she killed her stepfather to her mother, the star witness in the case. But more later.

Back with Jack’s group, and Sun and Jin are discussing where to relocate once they’re rescued. Jin is looking at somewhere in the States, while Sun wants to go back to Korea to raise “her baby.” When Jin replies with “our baby”, you can’t help but tell he’ll eventually find out that he’s really not the father. So perhaps Sun is looking to hook back up with her baby’s daddy? We shall see…

Flashing back to the present, and Kate hits up everyone’s favorite blabbermouth, Hurley, for Miles’ location. With a quick dipsy-doodle with some questions, Hurley spills the beans and Kate is off for her interrogation session. She comes across Miles tied up in the boathouse. She asks him if he knows who she is. Miles tells her he’ll tell her everything he knows about her in exchange for a favor, one minute to talk to Ben Linus. Kate agrees, but needs to come up with a way to get Locke out of the way.

Back to the future, and Kate’s lawyer tells her he can make a deal with the DA, getting off the murder charge and bartering down to 7 years in jail. Kate looks petrified and adamantly refuses any deals. He then says the only other option is to bring “him” in to testify to her character. Again, she refuses, saying she will not use her son. SON?!? WHA?!?

On the island, Sun asks Jack about Sayid. Jack tells him that Sayid and Desmond took off on the Boaties helicopter and that they’ll soon begin transporting everyone off. Strangely though, it’s been hours and Jack can’t raise anyone on the satellite phone.

In the Dharma village, Kate visits the Sawyer/Hurley Shangri-la. In a private moment, Kate confesses that she wants to use Sawyer to distract Locke, allowing her to bring Miles to Ben.

With Sawyer distracting Locke with a backgammon game. During the game, Locke asks Sawyer if he still believes in him, that he’s doing the right thing. Sawyer says he just doesn’t want to leave the island, but he isn’t the sheep that everyone else seems to be. Further, he asks Locke to promise him not to hurt Kate. Why, Locke asks? Sawyer then proceeds to tell Locke Kate’s plan to bust Miles out to talk to Ben. They take off to intercept her.

Now the key here is was this actually a Sawyer con to get Locke away from his house, or is he actually siding with Locke given Kate’s ping pong affiliation with Jack? Good question…

Bad news. Kate’s already busted out Miles and is on the way to Locke’s now vacant abode with Ben in the basement. ENCOUNTER. Miles asks Ben if he knows who sent him, and why he’s here both of which Ben answers yes. Well, for the cool sum of $3.2 million, Miles will tell his boss that Ben is dead, and take care of Aussie Boatie Charlotte, who has also seen Ben alive.

My question here is EXACTLY the same as Ben’s. Why 3.2? Why not 3.4, or 3.5?

Well, Miles says he’ll give him two days to come up with the money. Ben asks for a week, give his current incarceration. A week???? So Ben somehow has access to money, and a lot of it? And some way to get it? Why does Kate not question any of this? She seems to just be focused on what Miles knows about her, which following the Ben conversation, he tells her.

Exactly who she is, and what she’s charged with. But as Kate attempts to escort Miles back to the boathouse. Locke intercepts them.

Not upset exactly that Kate has defied him, Locke instead insists on knowing what Miles told Ben, which Kate does. Then, Locke gets all landlord-like, Kate is banished from the village. Can he do that? Where’s his deed? Someone call the Castaway Housing Hotline.

In the future, Kate finds out her lawyer did a little Texas Two-Step on her. He’s brought “him” into testify. “Him” being Jack (and not her son…whah???). Jack assures that Kate acted honorably after the crash, rescuing all six of them. And there it is…six survivors only. In fact, Jack says that Kate tried to save two others that were still alive but failed. He also claims he didn’t know at the time of the crash what Kate had done but that she’d told him later. On cross-examination, the lawyerette asks him if he still loves Kate. After…several….long…pauses…Jack says “No. Not anymore.” As he continues to talk (and appears on the verge of revealing something), Kate interrupts, saying that this is enough, she doesn’t want his help anymore. Recess.

Kate is confronted by her mother, the star witness against her. She tells Kate that she’s been told she has sixth months to live (why six? why not…3.2?) and wants to make a deal. She will back out of testifying (how is that done in a criminal trial exactly???) if Kate will allow her to see her grandson. Kate absolutely refuses (and why…for the life of me I couldn’t figure it out…until the end of the episode).

In Dharmaland, Kate backtracks to Sawyer, and explains her predicament with Locke. Sawyers “unbans” her and says she can stay with him and Hurley in “Montezuma” land. They get it on….

Back to the beach, and Charlotte is testing the engineer (can’t remember his name), asking him to guess three hidden playing cards. He gets two out of the three, frustrating the engineer. Charlotte responds by saying he’s improving. IMPROVING? Just what kind of psycho powers does he have? And is the island causing his current “difficulty”.

Meanwhile, Jack is getting more and more frustrated that they can’t contact the ship. He and Juliet confront Charlotte, who innocently claims she doesn’t know what’s happened. They ask her if there is another number they can call, to which she replies there is one that is only to be used in emergency. They demand she use it and leave the line open for them to here. Someone answers, asking Charlotte why she’s using this line. Charlotte replies by saying no one was answering the main line and wonders if the helicopter containing the pilot, Sayid, Desmond, and the dead Boatie have gotten there yet. The voice on the other end is confused…”I thought the helicopter was with you!?” Uh oh…

After getting “busy”, Sawyer asks if she is distressed because she’s worried she might be pregnant. Kate spills “I’m not pregnant” and seems fairly certain. Sawyer is relieved and the two go at it. Wait, she’s not pregnant??? But her son? Ok, maybe she got pregnant when she got home or later during their stay on the island. Kate asks him if having a baby would have been the worst thing, Sawyer says hell yeah. What would they have done with a baby? When she gets angry and starts to leave, Sawyer says she’s just using this as an excuse to go back to Jack, at which point he’ll do something to piss her off and come right back to Sawyer. Kate slaps him and leaves.

Back to court, and the prosecutor approaches the defense. It appears as though Kate’s mother will not be able to testify due to medical problems, the judge has granted a recess. It seems as though Kate’s mom is going to be helping the DA after all, and they want to cut a deal. She offers four years in prison. Kate refuses. She offers 10 years probation and a stipulation that Kate will have to remain in the state.

Kate’s lawyer is about to reject this as well, but Kate accepts it, adding that she’d do anything to have this be over with. She just wants to go home to be with her son. Kate’s free!!!

As Kate exits the courthouse thru the parking garage, Jack intercepts her and tells her that it wasn’t true about him not loving her anymore. He asks if they can get a cup of coffee sometime. Kate smiles and invites Jack over for a cup, but he refuses. Kate tells him she understands why he doesn’t want to see her son, but until he changes his mind, there can be nothing between them.

So wait! Are you thinking what I’m thinking…sure, elementary, my dear Watson. The kid must be Sawyer’s, making it to hurtful for Jack. Oh but wait…

As Kate returns to her GIGANTIC home, her nanny tells her that the baby is upstairs asleep. As Kate goes up to the child’s bed, she begins to play with her son’s blond hair.

Ok, you’re thinking, I’m right…blond hair…Sawyer had blond hair….the kid’s Sawyer’s. Kate must’ve lied about not being pregnant. Oh but wait….

The kid wakes up, looks at Kate and says “Hello, Mommy”

Kate replies…..

“Hello, Aaron.”

Now if you accepted the whole Sawyer/dad thing, at first listen you might not have caught it.

Aaron. Blond kid.


Wasn’t Claire’s baby, the one Kate didn’t want to pick up at the beginning of the episode, named Aaron????!!!????


So it would appear that Aaron is the last of the Oceanic Six. Never saw that one coming. How did Kate get Aaron? Did she take her from Claire by force, or by design?

Further, what’s with this lie that only 6 survived the original crash? Are they lying to cover for the other survivors, who apparently are back on the island? Or are they covering up something more sinister? Interesting too, that 2 of the Oceanic Six weren’t actually ON Oceanic 815….

Here are the Oceanic Six:

Ben Linus

Hurley is haunted by this decision they have all made. And, apparently Sayid is killing on Ben’s orders to keep this secret. Just what’s going on?

Give me your thoughts…!!!