It’s over! The long-standing feud between New Line Cinemas and Peter Jackson has been resolved.

Today it was announced that Jackson would be producing two films about our favorite Middle Earth.

The first is believed to be “The Hobbit”, the second a bridge between “Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings”.

Just a couple of thoughts.

First off, I’m thrilled that Jackson will be involved. The look and feel of Middle Earth would be trusted in no one else’s hands but his. It would be great if he could direct as well, but perhaps letting someone else play in his sandbox (Sam Raimi, maybe?) wouldn’t be such a bad thing either.

Second, I love the idea of two films. However, there’s plenty of material in “The Hobbit” to make two films.

There are three great climaxes within the story. First, the escape of the Dwarves from the Goblin King. Leading up to the confrontation with Smaug (what a perfect cliffhanger!). Then you have the final act and the Battle of the Five Armies, complete with armies of dwarves, Men, goblins, Elves, and Eagles. What a finish! And all culminating a study in what greed and evil can do to the hearts of good and bad. It’s a great prequel to the events of LOTR, and something that could really be captured nicely in two films. I hope they go this direction.