Do me a fave?

Hit shuffle on your iPod and give us the first 5 songs that come up. Good representative sample of your musical tastes.

Here are my five, along with an explanation of why I have it:

1. KT Tunstall, “Suddenly I See”. The music is crisp, driving, and Tunstall’s voice has a great edge to it.

2. Enya, “Flora’s Secret”. I have a strange fascination with Enya. I usually put her on when I’m in a pensive or melancholy mood.

3. David Holmes, “69 Police” – Ocean’s Eleven. Another strange fascination. The Ocean movies, and their music, just keep me smiling.

4. Howard Shore, “Hope and Memory” – Lord of the Rings. Good music to game by. Best orchestral work since John Williams with Indiana Jones.

5. The Fray, “She Is”. The new branch of adult alternative (that is, alternative that’s less…well, alternative). It’s got that Coldplay, Maroon 5, 3 Doors Down vibe to it.

What are your five?