Tim Kring, creator and executive producer of the popular TV hit “Heroes” told Entertainment Weekly Magazine’s Jeff Jensen that he realizes this season’s episodes have not been up to the standards they set in Season 1. He vows that upcoming episodes will remedy that.

However, he goes on further to explain what exactly has been wrong:

1. Slow pacing
2. The “world saving stakes should’ve been raised sooner”
3. Hiro was in Japan way too long.
4. The romantic story threads of Claire and Hiro have not been entertaining.

I give Kring full credit for stating openly that he feels his episodes have not been stellar. I’d like to think he can turn it around. However, the current writer’s strike has put production on hold. Worried that the strike might be prolonged, a new ending for the Dec. 6 episode has been shot, and could potentially serve as a season finale.

You can read the full EW article by clicking here.