According to an article in Advertising Age magazine, movie industry executives are blaming a dismal month in box office receipts on everyone’s favorite meta-human soldier, the Master Chief. Due to the nearly $300 million it has taken in already in the 3 weeks since its release, key demographic movie goers (men 18-34) have been noticeably absent from the cineplex.

The article goes on to say that this trend will most likely continue, as “Grand Theft Auto IV” is expected to hit stores next month.

I happen to now fall just beyond that key demo (at 36, I guess I’m officially old), and I haven’t gone to any movies in, well, about a month (3:10 to Yuma was my last flick…. I went to it (*snicker*) 4 days before Halo came out). But having Halo isn’t what’s kept me from the theater. It’s been the schlock they’ve been putting up there. I mean, The Rock’s film’s the #1 movie in America? What else should I see? Chuck and Larry? Mr. Woodcock? Rush Hour freakin’ 3?

Ok, so maybe I’m not in your demo, movie studio execs, but I’d like to think I’m as immature as the next guy. I like action flicks, sci-fi, comedies. I’m right in your wheelhouse!

You want to get me back into the theater? Start by making some decent movies! That might just work.

You can read the Gamespot article by clicking here.