Perhaps you’re aware that Barry Bonds recently broke Major League Baseball’s all-time Home Run record, once held by slugger great Hank Aaron.

Bonds has been under a lot of fire in recent years over alleged steroid use.

You may also have heard that the record breaking ball, home run #756, was caught by a 21 year old New York native, who promptly sold the ball for almost $750,000 because he could not afford to keep it and pay taxes on it. The ball was sold to fashion designer Marc Ecko, known for his elaborate pranks and sense of humor.

Ecko wanted a statement to be made with this ball, but he felt that the decision should be made by baseball fans. So he set up a poll for voters to select what he would do with the ball. The choices were:

1. Give the ball to the Baseball Hall of Fame
2. Give the ball to the Baseball Hall of Fame with an asterisk branded into it
3. Launch the ball into space.

In a landslide, choice #2 was the winner. Ecko will burn an asterisk into the ball and then send it to the Hall of Fame.

Many people believe historical objects as something to be kept pristine, unblemished. Others might say history is what you make of it.

What are your thoughts? Should the Bonds ball be branded?