Congrats to David Beckham for once again showing us why soccer (or football, or futbol) will never, EVER be a major sport in this country.

After playing only 310 minutes in the first six games (out of a maximum of 540 minutes) of the LA Galaxy’s season, Beckham last night sprained his knee.

He’ll miss the next six weeks.

ESPN told me that he would be the savior of soccer in America…they told me so…snif.

Thank goodness it appears that injuries don’t stop the superstar from hosting and/or attending every posh party in LA with his wife….Posh. 🙂

Frankly, soccer is just boring. They say that some sports are better to attend in person. Hockey, for example. Hockey is horrible to watch on TV but thrilling in person. Just the opposite for me with football. A football game plays much better on the tube for me than in person.

Soccer…well, soccer just sucks period. Here are my complaints with soccer:

1. The field is just too large. It takes the better part of a 45-minute half just to get the ball to midfield.
2. The time limit is not really the time limit. Sure, it’s supposed to be 2 45-minute halves. But at the end of the game, the referee can add as much time as he wants to the clock for “injury time”. Apparently, the clock keeps running whether people are playing or not, not unlike football. Except the difference here is that soccer…uh…keeps the clock running when players get injured and are writhing on the field in real or enacted pain. Then, at the end of the game, the referee thinks back and reminisces about how much time he THINKS was taken off the clock due to injuries on the field. And then, get this, he doesn’t announce to anyone how much time is left. He keeps it on his own freaking POCKETWATCH (pocketwatch?!?!?) until HE thinks the injury time has been repaid. That’s…just…

There are more, but why waste my time on soccer? This is probably the first and last posting here on this sport, and that only to complain how completely boring it is as a spectator sport. Sure, it’s great for the kiddies (and of course the vivacious soccer mommies), but that’s about it.

Beckham, we barely knew ye…