Ah, my favorite subject…the 360.

The 360 has done many things right…not all, but many.

First person, third person shooters? EXCELLENT. Gears of War and Rainbow Vegas are classics.

Role-playing games? Phenomenal. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a masterpiece.

X-Box Live? Fantastic. Great selection of games with more coming online all the time. Downloadable TV shows, movies, music.

Real-Time strategy? Pretty good. They took some huge leaps forward with Middle Earth and especially Command & Conquer. They work just about as well as you could expect an RTS to work on a console. That said, it still lacks the fluidity of the PC version. The scrolling and cursor positioning, combined with macro button capabilities just seem to make RTS’s lack a bit.

However, that too…may be a thing of the past.

I give you Tom Clancy’s “Endwar”.

What does Endwar have? Voice Recognition built in. But not just any voice recognition. Check out this article on Gamespot:

Endwar First Impressions

According to Gamespot, Endwar will feature a system so complex, you’ll barely need your controller. To boot, it will feature a continuing XBox Live war that people can take a part in.

They’re really pushing all of my buttons…in a good way.