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I only recently discovered Amie Street, so in addition to congratulating them on being in business for one year I’m going to tell you how cool they really are. First up the link.

Amie Street – Music Lives Here – Independent Music Download Website.

Amie Street comes at selling music a bit differently, and its a win for both the Artist and the Fans.

Independent artists upload their tracks for listing on Amie Street. The Starting price is $0.00. Yup thats free folks. Now here is the cool thing, as people download and REComend the track (more on that later) the price starts to rise, to a max of $0.99. So if your into discovering new music, have at it, it will be free or just pennies. But if you want to just check out what’s getting popular look for tracks that are worth say $0.50 and up. And of course there is a free preview of every track on the site, so your not buying blind.

Now here is the cool part, recommendations or RECs. When you REC a song you get to write a review of the track and all your friends on Amie Street (yes it has all the good Web2.0 social sharing stuff) are notified. Members can REC any track they have bought, and REC-ing is sort of like playing the stock market, only with music. If you REC a song when its at $0.10, and it goes up to $0.90 you get $0.40 back from Amie Street to use towards buying more music. If you REC a track at is at $0.00 and it goes up to $0.90 you get all $0.90 back into your account, as a reward for finding and helping out a brand new track.

That’s a lot of math, but the gist is, not only do you get to check out some very goon new independent artists, but you get a chance to make some more money helping independent musicians get popular. You can buy Credit and REC’s starting at just $3.00, but hey that could be well over 300 new tracks if your into digging through the new stuff for music you like, and if your good with your RECs you may never need to put money back into the site.

Oh and tracks you buy are all DRM free, so they work on any music player including the iPod and the iPhone (ha had to get another iPhone mention in there) and they can be downloaded as many times as you like.

If you do check out the site be sure and friend me, I am of course Wolfman-K there.

Via: Tech Crunch