A Miami-Dade County teen was home alone with his sister when his home was broken into by burgars looking to steal their Playstation 3. While his sister hid in the closet, Damian crept down the hall and waited, Samurai sword in hand.

Teen Scare Off Burglar With Samurai Sword – News Story – WGPL Miami

When one of the burglars grabbed the (empty) box for the Playstation 3 console and ran back into the hall Damian was there waiting. He stabbed the burglar in the chest once, after which the burglar “freaked out” and took off down the street being chased by teenage Damian with his sword.

One of the two burglars was later picked up by a K-9 unit, the other is still at large.


You think we can’t put to use the knowledge and cat like reflexes we have been practicing with for years?


Way to go Damian! Oh by the way Damian is also a Brown Belt in Karate.