Ken Kutaragi, Sony’s Entertainment Division CEO, will step down in retirement in June revealed in a somewhat unexpected announcement Thursday.

Kutaragi is the engineer responsible for both the original Playstation and Playstation 2.

You can read the Financial Times article by clicking here.

Interesting how much of the article is devoted to the PS3’s slow sales. Also, that Kutaragi was reputed to be “difficult”, and that his replacement reportedly has much better relationships with foreign markets (U.S., Europe).

Could it be that Sony is discontented with the slow sales outside of Japan?

I don’t want to be known as the Sony basher (I’ll leave that to my best bud Keith), but it just seems as though the PS3 NEVER caught on, beyond the initial hype leading up to its release. PS2 are as high as they’ve ever been. I see commercials for Wii and XBox 360 products constantly, but rarely see anything for the PS3.

Today’s gaming seems to be about two things: networking and innovative gameplay. Microsoft has the networking sewn up with XBox Live. They’ve had 5 years to get it up and running and iron the bugs out. It’s a great system that has more and varied types of content available every day. Conversely, the Wii’s interactive system is so different from anything else out there, it’s cornering the market for families and young professionals. It’s the party game system, really.

Sony really screwed itself marketing wise. Most importantly, the system was far too expensive. I get the cutting edge technology and inclusion of Blu-Ray DVD, but this thing was 40-50% more than the next cheapest system (XBox 360) and 50-60% more than the Wii.