I’m really not into horror, not at all. I know of Clive Barker to be kind of the working man’s Stephen King, but that’s about where my knowledge and interest ends.

Then today, I read that Barker is creating a new video game based on an original story. Ok, I’m listening…

From Clive Barker and Mercury Steam comes “Jericho”, a first-person, squad based shooter debuting sometime last this year.

Here’s an excerpt from Gamespot’s article on the storyline:

“The overarching plot is that before creating Adam and Eve, God’s first attempt at a man was a complete disaster who was banished forever into a parallel universe referred to as “the box.” Inevitably, this aggravated the young whippersnapper somewhat, and he makes frequent attempts to reclaim his place on Earth. Each time, a group of US supersoldiers called the Jericho squad are there to send him back to his immortal plane, and that’s where you come into the story.
It was clear from the developers’ explanation that they didn’t want to give too much of the heavily scripted game away, but at the end of the day their enthusiasm for the project got the better of them. Basically, the game will see the Jericho squad travelling through time to the World War II, Crusade, Roman, and Sumerian eras, in addition to a final era that they definitely want to keep a secret. Each time, your squad will have to sacrifice itself in order to send the firstborn back to his box and restore peace on Earth.

The Jericho squad is a kick-ass team of supernatural soldiers that was formed during World War II to investigate the Nazi obsession with the occult. You play Captain Ross, the leader of this squad, who can inhabit the other members at will and take control of their bodies. There are six members in total, split into two subsections called the alpha and omega squads. Every member has two weapons and two supernatural abilities, as well as a mix of physical strengths and weaknesses. For example, Black is a blonde, lesbian sniper who can use telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers to move objects and set them on fire. She can also steer bullets with her mind, allowing her to take out multiple enemies from afar. Then you have Delgado, a thick-set Hispanic guy with a fire spirit encased in his arm, as well as Colt and rail guns in his arsenal. He can remotely set people on fire while using a fire shield to protect himself from incoming fire-based attacks. In what is potentially a headache of different characters all possessing each other, third member Jones can control of enemies, while Cole is the techie of the group who can, well, fix technical stuff. Probably the coolest member of the gang is Church, a half-naked female ninja who can either walk up to enemies and send them flying into the air with her sword, or stealthily walk past enemies without them even knowing.”

Ok, this is a GREAT concept for a game. Or a book. Hell, I smell a decent movie even. The genre of the third-person shooters has been reinvigorated of late (Gears of War, Rainbow Six Vegas), but it’s nice to see something exciting in the first person realm too, other than just Halo (which I saw some preview footage of Halo 3 this morning, and I gotta tell you….yawn). But Jericho looks as though it could be quite good.

Unfortunately, it’s being designed simply for the 1 Player campaign, with no multiplayer options. Boo!

You can read the entire Gamespot article by clicking here.