Coming Soon!.net is reporting that Edward Norton (“Fight Club”, “The Illusionist”) has agreed to play Bruce Banner in a reboot of “The Incredible Hulk”.

You may remember the Ang Lee-directed “Hulk” of several years ago, starring Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, and Nick Nolte. While it did decent business, it wasn’t anywhere near the successes of the other Marvel franchises (“Spider-Man”, “X-Men”).

According to rumor, this “Hulk” will be more in line with the comic books, less serious and more action-packed. Banner will be on the run, trying to hide his identity from the masses.

Look, I love comic book films. I really do. I even like the comic book films that most don’t (check out the “Daredevil” Director’s Cut – it’s a good movie!), but this is stupid. I mean, the casting of Norton is a nice one (how they enticed this quality actor into this, I’d like to know), but why the need to restart this franchise? Oh yeah, money.