Hank Aarons, baseball’s current all-time homerun king, said recently that he would not be present if and when Barry Bonds breaks his record, presumably some time this season.

You can read Yahoo’s article by clicking here.

In short, Hank says he’d be criticized if he went and criticized if he didn’t go, so he’d just as soon people make up their own minds. While not saying so directly, Aarons seems to be hinting that he wouldn’t be present for anyone who’s “broken” a record while being suspected of using steroids.

Good for him. Finally, someone in baseball taking a stand on this issue! Hank Aarons is as revered as they come in this sport. The man literally went through hell breaking Babe Ruth’s record. For him to be present when pill-popper and/or butt injector Bonds cracks the barrier with his oversized head and HGH filled biceps would tarnish his own image. In a sense, his presence would be an acknowledgement of Bonds’ accomplishment, tantamount to saying it’s ok to do what he’s so obviously done.

If only Commissioner Bud Selig would take the same stance. He’s hinted he’s ‘not sure’ if he’ll be available, but will not say definitively yea or nay.

Thank the baseball gods that Hank Aaron is still a role model.

Hank Aaron - the REAL Home Run King