Ok, so its a bit late for a good ole irish music review, but somehow thats appropriate for Gaelic Storm as they are just good enough to make the iPod rotation year round.

Gaelic Storm

I’m a recent convert to this band, but the pure simple basic Irish melodies combined with a bit modern flair just strike a chord in your soul. The steady beat, catchy lyrics, and a driving fiddle power this band 6 med and one woman the play what one could say is the most annoying set of instruments (bongos, fiddle, bagpipes, flutes, accordion, guitar, assorted sticks and even a diggery doo) ever to see a modern music stage.

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There is a two hour documentary concert playing on HDNET this month, I heartily recommend you check it out and pick up a track or two of theirs. You won’t be able to put it down.