Digging in the trash. The addicted gamer’s tool for acquiring knowledge. Especially if said enlightened fellow works for a fledging web site devoted to gaming.

Such is the situation that “Unscripted 360” finds itself in this morning. In possession of a torn memo from Microsoft (allegedly), it would appear as though the XBOX giant is about to start a rewards programs for unlocking achievements within their games.

The Gamespot article on the purported program can be found by clicking here.

Being a 360 owner, I never paid too much attention to achievement points. In my dealings online with other gamers, I have found many who are really into them.

What rewards could Microsoft offer? Perhaps XBOX live points, used to purchase simpler games to be played on their arcade. How about discounts on games or other merchandise? Perhaps the player who unlocks the most points could be rewarded with a party for his friends? Maybe invited to an actual game launch? The possibilities are endless.

I know I come across as a 360 butt-kisser, and please allow me to continue that practice. Frankly, I’ve been thrilled with my console since receiving it last Christmas. It did crash on me once, but Microsoft replaced it free and quickly. The game titles have been outstanding (with the exception of the over-hyped “Chromehounds”). The XBOX Live component allows me to go through actual campaigns with my best buddy Keith, giving us the chance to chat a few times a week.

Should a rewards program be offered, I think it does nothing but enhance the experience for the core gamers, something Microsoft should always be intent on keeping on a short leash.

Right now, the Wii is the hot ticket item, getting a lot of press with its novel controller approach and more family-friendly entertainment. Right alongside the Wii though is the 360, churning out great titles and online opportunities to keep its buzz going. A rewards program would go a long way to keeping that vibe alive.

Sorry, Sony…