A nifty little invention was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this past week.

It’s called the “Entertrainer”. It’s basically an add-on to your TV that “forces” you to work out in order to watch.

Hooked up to an exercise bike, treadmill, or on any stable surface, the device links to a heart monitor you place on your arm.

If your heart rate drops below a certain point, the volume on the TV cuts out. If you don’t get it back up to where it needs to be within a certain time frame, the device turns off the TV all together.

Thoughts? Personally, I think it’s a nice idea. However, knowing myself as I do, I’d be all gung ho to get it, then disconnect it the moment it got annoying, placing it in the deep dark recesses of my junk drawer.

Still, might be a good gadget for parents to use for kids who like to plop down in front of the set.

The Entertrainer website can be found by clicking here.