Gamespot, my personal favorite for gaming websites (especially since it’s the only one I can access at work), has up today their first impressions of GRAW 2 (Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2) for the XBOX 360. You can read their review here.

GRAW 2 follows the continuing trials of Captain Scott Mitchell as he works to eliminate the elements of a Mexican coup that governed the events of the first game.

GRAW 2 features an immensely detailed landscape and the ability to control your assets, human and otherwise.

Both I and WolfmanK own the first GRAW, and it’s a beautiful thing. Both GRAW and Elder Scrolls IV were the first games to truly show the potential of the 360 console.

I have worries that the game may have some difficulty in matching the success of the original, as it’ll have to compete with Gears of War’s continued fervor, as well as Rainbow Six Vegas, which is picking up steam, Lost Planet, a great looking arctic shooter and the new kid on the block; and, this year’s easily most anticipated release for the 360, Halo 3.

Still, GRAW 2 will be well worth your time, I have no doubt.